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Jamey P's Favorite Coin 

1804 Cohen-6 Manley Die State 9 

This is a spiked chin half-cent with a very interesting progression of reverse die breaks. 

You can see the cuds on the reverse


Stan M's Favorite Coin

I acquired this 1986 $50 Gold Eagle in the late 80's when I worked for a company that purchased a computer.  The computer seller held an event with a drawing for a gold Krugerrand.   I won it and kept it until the US Mint offered the gold eagle program.   I traded in the Krugerrand for the Gold Eagle, which is one of the nicest coins minted.


One of Tom K's Favorite Coins

This One Trachy Scyphate was struck in Constantinople about 1185 AD. 

  Henry II ruled England during this time.  

The crack came about as this cup shaped coin was struck.



Jessica D's Favorite Coin


Today my favorite coin is a 1999 Canadian Quarter.  

I like it because I won it in a drawing at the 

NorthWest Detroit Coin Club Meeting.  

1999 Canadian Quarter




Rita  S' Favorite Coin 

This 50 Million Lira from Turkey is one of my favorites.  

The twinkling eyes make this coin unique.  

I have never seen anything like it.  


 2000 Turkish coin  50.000.000 Lira


Gene S' Favorite Coin

This 2001 American Buffalo Dollar is one of my favorites.  Ordered from the mint in 2004, it is a proof and un-circulated in the set.  Only 50,000 were minted.




Marge M's Favorite Coin

1928 Italian 20 Lira 

My folks traveled the world and brought this 1928 Italian Lira home.  My interest in this coin grew when a dealer offered me $50 for it.  I would like to learn more about this special coin 




Jake D's Favorite Coin

1909 S Lincoln cent

This 1909 Lincoln Cent is a rare coin in fine condition.  I like collecting  Lincoln Cents.  I already have the '09 and '09 VDB;  I hope to get someday get an SVDB.



Joe G's Favorite Coin

Hobo Coins

I have a very eclectic collection of coins, but about a year ago I became interested in "Hobo Nickels".  I had never even heard about them and now I have about 30.  Included are pictures of a few of the variations.  








Josie T's Favorite Coin


An artist carved out the eagle and turned this ordinary

 Polish Zloty into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

My favorite coin does not spend most of its time in a

 dark drawer or trapped in a collection case.

It is a source of pleasure every day.