Spice up your collection with error coins


Gary Kelly's coin in Canadian Coin News April 19 


From Numismatic News August 17, 2004

Excerpts covering Gary Kelly's coins 


By Ken Potter

"Next is a no-date zinc cent from Gary Kelly of Michigan that exhibits a weak strike.  This type is often misdescribed as a "die trial" or "die set-up piece. "When a new set of dies is fixed into a press, it often requires a series of trial cycles to arrive at the correct pressure to run the press.  They will generally start with too little pressure and work up.  However, the fact is, the causes of weak strikes are too varied to prove any one particular cause for a specific coin after the fact.  "


"The  "die cap" is one of the exotics that many errorists drool over- they are never cheap and always eye-catching.  The "cap" occurs when a coin sticks to the upper die (for an obverse cap) and stays stuck or capped in that position for a series of strikes.  After several strikes the stuck coin will spread and then begin to wrap itself up the shank of the die.  In time it can resemble a cap from a bottle or soda or can get even deeper like a thimble.   The 1999 Lincoln cent cap shown is deep enough to stack seven normal Lincoln cents next to before they are even with its upper rim!"




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